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Signature Combo

This package is targeted to give youth all aspects of life under one umbrella, the ability to become an enthusiastic speaker, follow a healthy lifestyle and the most attractive part; we give practical training for entrepreneurship skills along with hands on experience.

  • Duration: 3 months - 12 Weeks - 36 Sessions
  • Fee for the whole package: Rs 7000/- only
  • (if anyone prefer to pay in installments enroll by paying 1000/- Second installment Rs 3000/- after 5 sessions Third installment Rs 3000/- after 15 sessions.)
  • 20-25 students in one group.

Activities Offered:

The aim of this program is to provide the youth with an opportunity to develop their communication skills, improve their vocabulary and critical thinking. We offer peer-to-peer interaction and entertaining sessions with an active enthusiastic group of coaches who will guide you on your journey towards self-growth.
Our mission is to help boost the quality of life through our fitness and nutrition scheme to instill in the souls of the youth everywhere the value of a good health, balanced diet and fitness.
The imaginations of the youth are the answers to tomorrow’s hurdles .Move ahead with SkillFiesta, faster than others on the path towards being successful entrepreneurs with new and unique ideas.